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invited talk - Deep learning powered computer vision as a promising aavenue for phenomics. East of Scotland Bioscience Doctoral Training Series, Aberdeen, Scotland.


invited talk - Asellus aquaticus as an emerging model system in ecology and evolutionary research. University of Hokkaido, Tomakomai, Japan

invited talk - Isopods (Asellus aquaticus) as an emerging model system for eco-evo-devo. University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

Diet-based developmental plasticity and fitness in a detritivorous isopod (Asellus aquaticus). European Society for Evolutionary Biology, Annual Meeting, Turku, Finland


Species interactions and the resilience of aquatic ecosystems to nutrient perturbation. British Ecological Society Annual Meeting, Birmingham

The role of developmental plasticity in the evolution of crypsis in a freshwater isopod. Talking Evolution Meeting, MPI Plön

Species interactions and the stability of aquati ecosystems. Center for Adaptation to a Changing Environment - Closing Conference. Borgen, Hocken


Interactive effects of selection and plasticity during rapid evolution of a freshwater isopod. Dynatrait Programme Conference. Stephansstift Hannover


Microhabitat selection by seagrass mesograzers: effects of predation, trait variation and species interactions. Western Society of Naturalists Annual Meeting. Oxnard, CA



Eawag Symposium (virtual) [PDF]

World Biodiversity Forum, Davos [PDF]


Workshop on Machine Learning for Environmental and Geosciences, Eawag, Dübendorf [PDF]


European society for evolutionary biology, Meeting, Groningen [PDF]

Biology2017, Meeting, Bern [PDF]


Center for Ecology, Evolution and Biogeochemistry, Poster Competition, Kastanienbaum - 1st. Prize [PDF]

Center for Adaptation to a Changing Environment, Meeting, Monte Verita [PDF]