About me

I am a postdoc in Ole Seehausen’s lab at Eawag Kastanienbaum where I support investigations of the evolutionary past of Lake Victoria Cichlids. I use computer vision to map Cichlid tooth phenotypes from sediment cores onto teeth of contemporary Cichlid species. My goal for this short (half year) postdoc project is to develop a high throughput image analysis pipeline that can be applied broadly.

In the second half of 2020 I will start a three year postdoc in Erik Svensson’s lab at Lund University, funded by an early postdoc.mobility grant (Swiss National Science Foundation) and by a Marie Curie Individual Fellowship (European Comission).

I completed my PhD in Blake Matthews’ lab at Eawag and was supervised by Prof. Jukka Jokela as part of ETH Zürich’s Center for Adaptation to a Changing Environment ACE.

I received my undergrad degrees from the University of Oldenburg, for which I worked with Jay Stachowicz at Bodega Marie Laboratory and with Andreas Kunzmann at the Center for Tropical Marine Ecology.