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I am an evolutionary ecologist broadly interested in the forces that shape phenotypic evolution; including species interactions, phenotypic plasticity and developmental effects.

Funded by two fellowships, I am currently working as a postdoc in the Svensson lab at Lund University. Here, in the Evolutionary Ecology unit of the Department of Biology, I am investigating the adaptive landscape of sexual polymorphisms and the phenomics of sexual conflict in odonates (damselflies and dragonflies).

To quantify sexual polymorphisms and phenotypic variation within and among populations I am using high throughput computer vision. With the resulting high dimensional phenotypic data, I am hoping to uncover the role of constraints, tradeoffs and evolvability in complex phenotypes, and to specify causal relationships between phenotypic, molecular, and environmental data.

Research topics

Phenomics of female colour polymorphisms in damselflies; trophic diversification of cichlids; developmental plasticity in freshwater isopods; …

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Software & resources

I have a developed a Python package to collect comprehensive phenotypic data from digital images and videos in high throughput.

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Publications & more

See a list of my publications, presentations and posters, as well as links to my research community profiles.

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